Minecraft server hosting

At GigaPros you can stop worrying about the bill and start building an awesome server! They do not allow overselling on any of their minecraft server hosting, Forex VPS have their special demands and they complete them in full. You can get servers in the hottest trading zones around the globe – USA, Germany, UK, France, etc. GigaPros Virtual dedicated servers come with up to 12 GB of RAM and 400 GB hard disk space, providing capacity for a variety of different applications.


They have a strong passion to develop the Minecraft community by providing inexpensive servers with premium service. It is the world’s largest and leading Minecraft Server Hosting provider.  They only provide enterprise grade hardware with a regular maintenance program to ensure maintenance program to ensure. With GigaPros you are guaranteed to receive the highest performance and greatest data security.

You can Access your VPS remotely from anywhere, anytime via any remote desktop client. With plans as low as $ 8/GB, they aim to provide excellent servers at low costs. No matter whether it’s 3AM or 3PM. Contact GigaPros Support thru Helpdesk Tickets, Live Chat, Phone Calls, Forums, and Knowledge Base & E-mails. You will have peace of mind while hosting with them.